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Upcoming – Grand International Cat Show – 16 December 2012

Next Sunday another international cat show is going to be hosted by the well re knowned club – Malta Feline Guardians Club. The only difference is that this show is going to be a Grand International Cat show which means that it will include a master ring and also a special prize is going to be awarded as The Christmas Kitten. [img][/img]
The international cat show is going to be held at the Radisson blu St. Julians and it will be open for the public from 10.30am till 18.30pm. In the morning 2 judges from Russia – Mrs. Marina Zhuravleva and Mrs. Anna Anatolievna Rudakova are going to judge all the cats present on the day.

After the cats will be categorised into 3 main categories – Adults, Neutered and also Kittens and the rings will take place according to each category. Afterwards a master ring with all the winners of this year rings will compete together so a master cat will be chosen and awarded as The Master Cat. The Christmas Kitten will be chosen from amongst all the kittens present on the day.

During this show we are going to have foreign exhibitors that came specifically for this International cat show. They are going to bring with them different breeds so they will be shown during the day. Some of the breeds that are going to be taken part in this show are – Himalayan, Maine Coon, Siberian, Exotic, Ragdoll, Abyssinan Cinnamon, Burmila, Bengal, Peterbald , Siamese amongst others. One must also not forget that the Abyssinan Cinnnamon and the Peterbald breeds are 2 new breeds for Malta and so one cannot miss this opportunity to come and see this 2 marvellous breeds for the first time in Malta.


This show is being held under the auspices of WCF with the support of Princess Premium and Micabliss Persians. Don’t miss this opportunity so come and visit us at the Radisson Blu St. Julians. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed. See you all there !