What About a Pedigree?

If you are thinking of getting a purebred cat, it is very important to get familiar with a set of documents which should be provided by a responsible breeder. Pedigree Certificate is one of the most significant because it will an important information on your cat. In essence, it is a birth certificate and should have information on at least 3 generation family tree and also proves that your cat is in fact a purebred. It is only possible to register kittens if a breeder is a member of a particular feline organization which ensures its members follow recommended breeding policies, such as:

  • Make use of health screening schemes;
  • Ensure the kitten is seen with its mother, to give an indication of how the kitten is likely to turn out;
  • Be prepared to answer your questions about the breed;
  • Give new owners written information regarding the diet and care of their new kitten;
  • Be there as a point of contact throughout the kitten’s life to ensure that the cat and owner have a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Most of the time you may see that ancestors and parents of your kitten have specific titles, such as Champion, Grand International Champion, European Champion etc. This is a very important piece of information which ensures that you are buying a purebred cat with excellent breed characteristic specific to your chosen breed, as titles are only awarded if the judge considers the cat to be of sufficiently high quality. Breeders invest a lot of their time and effort to obtain titles and have to provide regular grooming and the best nutrition in between the shows as well as regular veterinary check-ups. And of course if you decide to take part in shows, you will need to provide a Pedigree Certificate to organisers.


Remember that when you buy a pure breed kitten you have to get always a full registered pedigree signed by the local club.
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