Kitten as a Gift

What to Consider Before Getting a Cat or Pet for the Festive Season?

The season of gift-giving  is here, and for many children and adults, a cute kitten or cat is on the list of what they are wishing for. Even though we know that kittens and cats aren’t staring at a calendar lamenting their holiday plans, there is something especially festive and heartwarming about giving a home to an animal over the holidays, especially if it means getting them out of a shelter.

Avoid Online pet market places , they are Red Flags you should run away from. Look at these places; shelters and reputable breeders as they really are the places to go and again, giving as much forethought, doing as much research as possible is crucially important.

You know that nothing in life is free. When it comes to animals, no truer words have been said. Just like a human family member, pets have a lot of costs involved, including but not limited to food, vet visits ,grooming supplies toys… 

Christmas is the time when many of our wallets are already stretched thin, so it is very important to take a good look at your financial situation ahead of time and then determine whether now is the right time to get a pet.

It’s really important to have a good sense of how your schedule will be impacted while raising a new pet.


The key to adding a new pet to your life the right way, is by being prepared: not just on the day you bring your new pet companion home, but for every day after. A pet is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

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