Grooming your Persian Cat

Grooming plays an important role in the cure of the Persian cat.

To have splendid conditions like we propose to you, it is necessary that you take care yourselves daily of brushing and washing your cat periodically.

In the following pages you will find help in order to maintain your Persian in splendid shape.

The daily rituals

In order to maintain a Persian in perfect shape and with a soft and full cape, we will have to take care of him every day.

The Persians needs to be combed daily, on all the body, in a sweet way with a wide tooth comb.

Subsequently a tight tooth comb will be able to be used in order to eliminate dead hairs or small nodes.

Also the eyes need to be cleaned up every day, because the Persian’s eyes have often excessive tears.

The ears are to be cleaned up once a week with a humid cotton ball.

The bath

In order to maintain the Persian’s hair in perfect shape, the cape has to be washed.

The frequency, of how much a cat must be washed, varies between a Show Persian cat or a House Persian cat.

A cat that participates in shows will have to be washed every ten to fifteen days, and a House Persian cat approximately every two months.

The Persian must be accustomed from a small age to frequent baths. In this way future problems will be avoided (to wash a Persian of two or three years it is sure an enterprise).

Before washing a Persian it must combed and all nodes removed.

Washing Your Persian cat

The simpler way to wash your cat is with a showerhead. In this way, the cat will feel more comfortable and calmer.

The Persian cat is to be placed inside the bathtub or a large washbasin, and with a shower in hand he can be bathed perfectly.

The temperature of the water is to be near 38,5 degrees centigrade which is the body temperature of the cat. After it has been bathed, you must use shampoo (delicate, anti-dandruff…) this will vary on the various requirements of the cape of the cat.

Rinsing will have to be scrupulous in order to avoid the traces of shampoo remains on the cape and also removing the risk of it being ingested from the cat whilst washing itself.

Special attention is required around the nose and the auricular pavilion (ears). No water or shampoo must enter these areas.

After it has been rinsed well and having removed excess water by hand, the cat is now wrapped in a possibly hot towel, and finally dried with a powerful and silent hair dryer.

Obviously the place where the Persian is washed and dried will have to be warm and with no draught.

When you are drying your cat the hair must be brushed against the hair growth to accelerate drying time and to be able to see and remove all nodes.

Grooming plays an important role in the cure of your Persian cat.