The Malta Feline Guardians Club  is a club, whose aim is to sponsor and promote the welfare of all breeds of cats, including household pets with mixed breeds. The MFCG promotes and encourages kindness to all animals and assist in prevention of cruelty and mistreatment of animals.

The MFCG a fast-growing cat organization established on the Maltese Islands in 2004. Since then the organization has been a continuous success, with over 200 members and a strong, hard working committee. The aim of the club is to be the best on the island, and this can be proven by looking at the club’s repertoire which includes multiple Cat Shows/Exhibitions, International Cat Shows with foreign judges, interesting seminars throughout the year and an updated website. MFGC can proudly say that all the activities have been a huge success on the Maltese Islands with over 1,200 people attending cat shows.

The MFGC has teamed up with the WCF (World Cat Federation) which was founded in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by three clubs which were seeking for more democratic and human procedures in the cat fancy, more than other existing federations ever had. Right now, the WCF consists of more than 280 single organisations, distributed worldwide including the United States. The WCF has been successfully working on the development of animal protection laws in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The WCF allows the breeders of affiliated clubs to register their cattery names internationally. The WCF created standards for pedigreed cats of which 61 are currently published. The WCF trains judges for exhibitions and organise exams. The WCF has established exhibition rules that determine both the sequence of an exhibition and the division of the cats in separate classes.