Member Registration

Please fill in all the information as accurately as possible.

Download an Application Form from here

MFGC Member Registration Form
Contact person: Mr. Kevin Charles Micallef
Email: [email protected]

Membership dues for the MFGC are 15 Euros as a member till the end of December of each year, because WCF (World Cat Federation) ends its year at the end of each year, or 25 Euros as a family member. With this membership comes a responsibility along with the benefits. Each member has the privilege and responsibility to vote for MFGC Committee Members. As members, we should voice our opinions and propose changes.

Please also remember to send by post a cheque payable to Malta Feline Guardians Club and send it to this address:

The Secretary
No. 66, Office Number 3
Triq il-Hattab
Attard ATD 2344

Acceptance of all Membership Applications are at the Committee’s discretion.