Feline Lovers, we all agree cats are adorable creatures; they are so heart warming when cuddling or just watching them curl up into a lazy ball. The tranquility of a cat gradually affects us in a remarkable mysterious way; cats can soothe and bring calm. Cats and kittens report making us happier, less upset, feeling calmer and help keep negative emotions at bay.

A purring cat is a purr-fect soothing massage, a gentle form of communication which stimulates healing. Some might actually think cats lack empathy when associated to dogs; felines may actually understand their owners and react accordingly. A feline friend is soothing perhaps because of its reassuring hum. Cat people are naturally calmer and handle stress better. Sitting with a relaxed purring cat is a soothing massage for the soul. A feline friend can boost health. So why not enrich your life with these elegant feline creatures