98th, 99th & 100th International Cat Show

Malta Feline Guardians Club
8th to 10th February 2020

Montekristo Estates – Luqa

WCF Judges:
Eduardo Borras – WCF All Breed Judge (Spain)
Kamil Kolczynski – WCF All Breed Judge (Poland)
Eleonora Ruggiero – WCF All Breed Judge (Italy)
Olga Kuznetsova – WCF All Breed Judge (Ukraine)

Period of notification:
All entries must be received by not later than, 19th January 2020. Any late applications are subject to a LATE PAYMENT FEE. Please make sure to register your cat on time.

We also have Limited space, a maximum of 100 cats can participate, make sure to enter early!

Entry is binding and should be sent by post to;
LO Secretary, Malta Feline Guardians Club
No. 66, Office No. 3, Triq il-Hattab, Attard ATD 2344, Malta.

N.B. All remaining payments must be settled upon arrival at the show premises. Participation to the show will be limited until full payment is settled by the exhibitor. For early bird applications, a 50% deposit charge will be requested by the club. Applications will only be processed once the deposit is settled.

3 Day Show Fees:

Cat Qty MFGC Member Fee Non-Member Participation Fee
1st Cat € 75 € 90
2nd Cat € 70 € 85
3rd Cat € 65 € 80
4th Cat € 55 € 75
5th Cat € 45 € 70
6th Cat Plus Free Free
Domestic HHP € 25 € 40
Shelter Free € 20

2 Day Show Fees

Cat Qty MFGC Member Fee Non-Member Participation Fee
1st Cat  55  70
2nd Cat  50  65
3rd Cat  45  60
4th Cat  30  55
5th Cat  20  50
6th Cat Plus Free Free
Domestic HHP  20  30
Shelter Free  20

These prices are for TWO DAYS show with 2 WCF titles.


Saturday Sunday Monday
1 for Adults Cats 1 for Adults Cats 1 for Adults Cats
1 for Neutered Cats 1 for Neutered Cats 1 for Neutered Cats
1 for Kittens 1 for Kittens 1 for Kittens

Speciality Rings

Leaving the Show
Cats on show may not leave the show until it’s over without a special dispensation notice from MFGC.

Cats will be denied access if:

  • it’s lactating
  • it’s mated/pregnant
  • it’s deaf
  • it’s sick or comes from a home infected with infectious disease
  • it’s infected with fleas or mange
  • it’s in poor overall condition

General information:

  • Show opening hrs for visitors: TBA
  • Pedigree cats needs its pedigree and needs to be at least 3 months old.
  • White cats need a certificate of hearing
  • Fertile male cats over 10 months need a veterinarian’s certificate of normal testicle status.
  • Neutered cat over 10 months needs certificate of neutering.
  • Trimmed nails, the cat’s nails need to be trimmed on both front and back paws.
  • Household Adult Pets must be neutered
  • Cage Dimensions are 24 H x 42 W x 24 D inches / 61 H x 107 W x 61 D cm
  • WCF show rules apply. For more info go to: www.wcf-online.de

Payment: All cheques are to be made payable to Malta Feline Guardians Club. NO CASH IS TO BE SENT


Questions: Mobile Number: 9949 5017 No calls after 21:00 please!

Download the OFFICIAL SHOW LICENSING document for the INTERNATIONAL CAT SHOW from here.


Download a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Form 2014 from here.