One needs to know that when choosing a breed no cat is ′ just a pet.’
The entire feline population selected by breeders enrolled in a Feline club follows a responsible breeding program. Breeds are part of our national cultural heritage! The rest … are unregistered cats produced by traders without any control, poor quality or with the sole aim of producing numbers, without any expertise on related diseases or the standard.

It is difficult to monitor the invisible pseudo/hobby breeders because they do not belong to any association, Cat welfare begins with a responsible and controlled breeding program! Let’s unite and say enough to exploit without selection, love and competence!

The following are a few words, to the person who might question, ‘the price’. The person who calls and after hearing a price, surprisingly says: ′ ′ I can buy a cheaper kitten elsewhere. Also these words are to the person who may not be interested in pedigrees because one might say ‘I want just a pet.’

Breeding cats can sometimes seem an exciting proposition, as certain cat breeds can sell for a lot of money. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the costs of cat breeding are high and that the process is time-consuming.


Would you buy a car with incomplete registration documents?

Behind each pure bred kitten there is a BREEDER; using capital letters to differentiate a breeder from an animal factory. A reputable breeder will not breed cats without documents, which does not protect the integrity of the breed. The registry (documents) are lineage records that document the bloodline and allow to investigate potential health issues in the lineage. When you tell a breeder that you are not interested in the documents, you are really telling them that you do not care less about the kitten’s health, but only the cheapest you can find! When you buy a kitten from a high-quality, reputable breeder, that breeder is responsible for the health of each kitten, queen and stud, (not mentioning; skipping vacations, losing sleep, turning personal domestic space to make more comfortable space for his cats, etc.) The truly passionate breeder who loves what he breeds puts all his heart and soul into it, not only with the kittens being sold, but also with every customer who has a piece of their heart and is now a member of their extended family. Breeders care for their kitties even after they are gone.

A breeder will get his hands dirty, because that is what life consists of … In the midst of birth and death, is life. The wheel that keeps rolling. A breeder performs tests, x-rays, analyses, emergency operations, vaccinations, family trees, healing and microchips for all kitties and has them evaluated by specialists.

Last but not least, a breeder chooses his lucky family to have one of his kittens. Yes, a true breeder chooses who to sell to because there is no reward that can offset the investments made by a breeder other than ensuring that they fit properly. A good breeder has different criteria for those who want to continue their bloodline. Why? Responsibility is never to be taken lightly. It is a life choice reserved ONLY for the few devotees who are willing to sacrifice.

Because a cat is never ′ just a pet ′ is the legacy of the breeder, a man’s best friend, a protector, a therapy, a family member, someone’s whole world!