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37th Internetional Cat Show – November 2012

Last weekend we hosted the 37th International cat show which was held at the Savoy shopping Arcades, Valletta. We can say that it was a big success because many cat lovers came and saw these beautiful creatures during this spectacular show. A show like this includes many work that has to be done before and also during the show itself. A big thanks go to all the committee members for all the support and help for organizing another successful event. We would like to thank also Mr. Marco Pozzi from Italy for his superb work in judging all the cats competing in this International Cat show. Finally we would like to thank also Mr. Martin Pace and Mrs. Gloria Beacom for giving us the place to hold this event. Last but not least a special thanks goes to our main sponsor of our club Mr. Matthew Wismayer for helping us in organizing an event like this.

The General Best of the show went to Micabliss Soleil which is an Exotic cat owned by Marinella Pisani. Other prizes were given to Diciotto Carati Nuance and also Micabliss Savana as Best Neutered and Best Kitten respectively.

After this great success we are preparing for the Grand International Cat show that is going to be held in 2 weeks time at the SAS Radisson in St Julians. It will be free of charge for all the public visiting us even if this will be hosted at a 5 star hotel.