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Grand International – December 2012

Chandeliers, parquet, marble stairs, huge windows and a large terrace – this was the place where our special felines were being judged by Ms Anna Rudakova & Ms Marina Zhuravleva. It was the Grand International cat show of the year hosted in the Grand Ballroom of the Radisson Blu St. Julians.

First and foremost we would like to thank all the foreign exhibitors that came for this International cat show. They brought along with them different breeds including Ragdolls, Devon Rex, Siamese, Exotics, Abbysinan Cinnamon, Himalayan, Balinese, Maine Coon amongst others. All these breeds made the show more special because one could adore these marvellous cats. We would like to thank also our loyal exhibitors that are always there giving us their support because without their help it would be very difficult to host shows with this quality. A big thanks goes also to our main sponsor which is Mr. Matthew Wismayer that is always giving us his support so shows like these would be possible.

What is an International cat show without the judges? We would like to give our regards to the 2 phenomenal judges – Ms Anna Rudakova and Ms Marina Zhuravleva which were very accurate when judging all the cats present on the day. We are sure that they had a very difficult job in finding the best cat of the show.

Last but not least a huge thanks goes to all the committee members that put a lot of effort in the shows that are being organized. One can notice that if the club will have hard working committee members, the show will reach a high standard which we are always aware of.

Apart from having 3 rings and 2 specialities during this show we also organized the master ring where the winners of all the rings organized during the year, will compete together so a special title will be given to the winner of this ring. This prestigious title was given to CH. IT* Radiosa Del Falco D’Oro. Apart from this title, other prestigious awards were given including the General best that was won by the Abyssinan Cinnamon cat by the name of Pampa Expecto Patronum. Diciotto Carati Nuance, CH. Master Micabliss Isotta won the Best Neutered and Best Adult respectively.

We would like to announce that another international cat show is going to be held at Tigne’ Point of on the 9th of February 2013. Those of you that would like to participate during this show can do this by either sending us an e-mail on [url=mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url], phone us on 99990022 or else find us on facebook and leave a message there.

Another year of hard work and excitement is over and on behalf of the committee we would like to wish you all the best during this festive season.