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Princess Feline Awards

A new year just began and so all the diet schemes have been downloaded and planned ! I am sure that you had something very interesting going on your TV screens , on Christmas Eve and also on New Year’s Eve.. The princess Feline Awards hosted by our club was a big success considering the response that we received from you and so we would like to thank you for the response.

These feline awards were divided into 3 main categories – Kittens, Adults and Neutered cats. There was an amount of cats being judged and after the judging the judges chose the best 4 cats from each category and they were judged again so that the Best Kitten, Best Adult and Best Neutered cats were chosen. After this the 3 best cats competed again and the Malta princess Feline award was handed to the Best Adult of the night which was Agrodolce Mozart .

This was something innovative for the Maltese islands and we are proud to say that our club was the club that introduced this to the public and most of all on a local TV station.


We would like to give my regards to some people that without them this gala show would not be possible. Firstly, we would like to thank our main sponsor which was Mr. Matthew Wismayer the main agent of Princess food. We would like to also thank Karl and Romina Bonaci for giving us this opportunity to host this show on their TV station – Favourite channel. A big thanks goes to Rodianne Caligari for her hard work to maintain and put together this wonderful event.

I hope that you enjoyed this show with your families on these two special nights. May you have a prosperous new year and Good luck with all the diet schemes!