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The Malta Feline Guardian Club held its Grand International Cat Show

[b]The Malta Feline Guardian Club, MFGC, held its Grand International Cat Show at the Phoenicia Hotel on the 20th and 21st November. This was the 24th and 25th International Cat Show for this esteemed club and the last show for 2010. With this landmark show, the club draws to a close five years of presenting Cat Shows of high calibre and distinction.[/b] Both shows were very well received by the many visitors that flocked to gaze upon feline beauty in the form of Persians, Exotics, British Long Hair, Nebelung, Russian Blue, Ragdoll and Maltese Domestic cat. The Maine Coons too made their appearance during this show. In fact an entire family of Maine Coons were exhibited; much to the fascination of their admirers….Praise was also forthcoming for the Charteux, a breed of cat with an amazingly smooth coat, exhibited for the first time in Malta during this show! The visitors conversed with the exhibitors as they in turn spoke enthusiastically spoke to visitors of their cats. The exhibitors themselves were most pleased with the high standards set by the club in presenting and running the show. The theme of the show was Christmas and cages were decorated to this theme thereby further delighting our visitors!

The club invited two WCF all breed judges from South Africa. Thus the club extends its thanks to the esteemed judges, Ms Dina Frietas and Ms Ngaio Crawle. Both judges were lavish in their praise for the show. They described the show as a wonderful experience and an absolute pleasure to have been invited…and well worth the 24 hours of travel to come to Malta and judge these cats! Both judges were most impressed with how well the cats behaved. They stated that this was a credit to their owners and a reflection of the love that the owners bestow upon their cats! The high calibre of the show left a lasting impression with the judges…

Judging took place over both days. Exhibitors and visitors alike followed with fascination the selections made by the judges as a bevy of feline beauty was presented before them in each of the competing categories.

An enchantress in the shape of a black, short hair Exotic kitten of outstanding beauty, Micabliss Shakira Babe, donned the crown as ‘Christmas Kitten 2010’, much to the delight of her owner, Ms Sonia Abela. The title of General Best Cat during the Saturday show was given to a magnificent black tabby blotched Persian, Master E.C. Eurocat Dior of Micabliss This title was in turn won by a tortie point Himalayan Blue female kitten during the Sunday show. Ms Joanne Mifsud Micallef, her owner, was immensely proud of Chrysoberyl Eyes Rascya whose feline beauty was perfectly reflected in her name! Male dominance presided as Eurocat Dior was chosen between the two cats to win the title of Super General Best Cat in Show. The prestigious Master Cat title was judged between Micabliss Estelle, a tortie-white Persian of undisputed loveliness belonging to Ms Vincenza Debono, PR Harwood For Love of Money belonging to Mr. Mark Micallef and Micabliss Shakira Babe. It was Shakira Babe who bewitched the judges to carry away this most coveted award!.Many other titles were awarded in the various competing classes.

Once again a kitten stole the limelight as a totally adorable Persian kitten, Micabliss Calvin Klien, belonging to Ms Vincenza Debono won the vote as the visitors’ favourite cat. Ms Jacqui Cassar Holloway exhibiting her white British Long Hair, Sir Salt, collected the award for best decorated cage as chosen by the judges. Congratulations to all our feline winners and their owners.

The President of the club, Mr Kevin Charles Micallef, extended his thanks to the committee members for their hard work over the last year and to the show sponsors, Pet Nutrition Limited and supporting sponsors, Micabliss Persians. A big thank you is also given to Toy Magic in Birkirkara for donating vouchers to the many children who participated and won in the ‘name the kittens’ competition.

Our next show will take place towards the end of January. Applications for this show may be downloaded from our website Anyone wishing to become a club member or would like further information, kindly contact us on 79632236. Our website also contains helpful information and many useful downloads.