Princess Feline Awards 2014


For the third consecutive year will be held another evening dedicated to cats. This evening will be held on Christmas Eve where different breeds of cats will participate for the prestigious prize of the most beautiful cat which will be awarded the prize of Princess Feline Awards 2014.

This spectacular show will be judged by three international judges who were invited especially to this event. The jury will be Mr. Daniel Germishuys from South Africa, Mr. Deon Scheepers also from South Africa and Mr. Walter Baraldi from Italy.

The televiewers will enjoy the beauty of these cats where there will be a nice variety of cats of each kind of race, amongst them, Persians, Exotics, Maine Coons, British Short Hair, Devon Rex, Sphynx, Abyssinians, Ragdoll and Bengal. Taking part in this show there will be exhibitors from Malta, Italy, Germany, Russia and England. In this spectacular evening three cats will be elected from each category that is from the kitten, adult and neuter category. Then the best cat will be chosen from each category so that finally the winning cat will be chosen.

This evening will be animated with singers, dancers and fire spectacle. A memorable evening for those who love cats. A spectacle not to be missed on Christmas Eve at 20:30hrs with a repeat on Christmas Day at 10:00hrs. Princess Feline Awards 2014 aired on F Living Channel. The show will be hosted by Kevin Micallef and Joanne Mifsud Micallef.