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[b]Dear Cat Lovers, the Malta Feline Guardians Club, MFGC is proud to announce the NOTTE BIANCA International Cat Show on Saturday 25th September, to be held at the Phoenicia – The Grand Ballroom. The MFGC has collaborated with the Notte Bianca Committee in order to bring this spectacular event to the many visitors to Notte Bianca. This much anticipated event would be the 22nd and 23rd International Cat Show for the MFGC as well as the first show for this season.[/b]

From the wide variety of feline breeds exhibited one may find, amongst others, Persian, Exotic, Sphynx, British Long Hair, Maine Coons, Nebelung and Russian Blue. The Maltese Domestic cat, always a favourite with the public, will too lure its admirers. A feature of the high standards set by the MFGC is its much loved Specialty Rings. These Specialty Rings are held for distinct features within each different class of feline, namely bi-colour, solid and tabby-colour cats. All pure breeds felines be they kittens, adult or neutered cats, can participate in the Show Rings. There would be three Specialty Rings on during each of the judging.

This event is being presented as [b]two shows in one day[/b]. Judging will therefore take place twice during the show. The club has invited two well renowned WCF all breed judges, Sra Vittoria Duchi from Italy and N.Guy Andre Pantigny from France. Titles would be given to the best cat within each selected Specialty Ring and all other categories. At the end of each judging session two cats would compete for the title of General Best Cat. The cat awarded the title of General Best would then be eligible to compete for the Master Title of Super General Best Cat, to be awarded in a show later in the year. The title of Super General Best Cat is amongst the highest honour that can be awarded to a cat. The judges would also be adjudicating the best decorated cage decorated to the theme of Notte Bianca.

Doors to this spectacular event shall open to the public from 5pm up to 2am. In order to enter into the spirit of NOTTE BIANCA, the MFGC, in association with the Notte Bianca Committee, has decided to offer the public free entrance to this show. Once inside you can admire these wonderful creatures and see for yourselves the love and dedication the owners bestow on their beloved cats. All members of the public are invited to vote for their favourite cat. What creature can be more spell-binding than a cat!

The committee members would also be present at the show to answer any questions you may have regarding your cat or the club. They would also be taking applications for the next Cat Show and for membership to the club itself.

The MFGC would like to inform the public that applications are now open to anyone who wishes to have his or her cat take part in this prestigious show. Applications can be downloaded from our website. The club also wishes to announce that it is registering litters and cats. For those wishing more information regards pedigree and cat registrations kindly contact the club’s LO secretary, Rodianne Caligari, on 79632236 or 21632236. Anyone wishing to become a club member, or wishing any further advice is invited to contact us on numbers 99990022 or 79632236. Our website, also contains a lot of helpful information as well as many useful downloads.

[b]We look forward to seeing you there and to sharing a magical night with you and our beautiful felines![/b]