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41st International Cat Show

The 41st International Cat Show held by MFGC was another great success. The show was held at Daniel’s Shopping Complex Hamrun last Saturday, 11th May, where hundreds of people cat lovers or not, paid their visit to see the marvellous felines on show. Different breeds of cats took part in the show. The show was judged by Ms Olga Dentico from Italy, who is an All Breed Judge.

We would like to thank the Directors of Daniel’s Shopping Complex for their interest and support in organising this cat show. Mostly we would like to thank the sponsor Mr. Matthew Wismayer of Petnutrition Ltd for his everlasting help whenever needed from the club. We would like to show sympathy with Mr Matthew and his family for the loss of his beloved father during these past days. Great thanks go to all the Committee Members for their valuable help before, during and after the show.

The following were the winners throughout the show. The Winner of the General Best was – CH Nafanail Aurum Exelsior, a Red Point Male – Peterbald owner Ms. Natalia Butyrina

The Winners of WCF Rings were:
Kitten Ring:
1st Place: Gryoza – Corsar – Volga of Mosi a Red Spotted Tabby WHite
Kurillan Bob – Tail owner Angelo Pandini
2nd Place S*Kisos Misos Chariter a Sacred Birman Blue Tabby Point owner
Gabriella Arcidacono.

Neuter Rings:
1st Place: Micabliss Calvin Klein a Red Persian owned by Vincenza Debono
2nd Place: Micabliss Coco Channel a Brown Torbie Tabby Blotched Persian
owned by Caroline Baldacchino

Adult Ring:
1st Place: CH Nafanail Aurum Exelsior, a Red Point Male – Peterbald owner
Ms. Natalia Butyrina
2nd Place: Diego Del Cre,e Brule a Cream British Short Hair owned by
Marialuisa Cocito

Besides these winners, there were other winners which placed for the Best In Show and Best Of Best in each category.

The MFGC would like to inform the general public that the shows will be dismissed during the Summer Season. In fact the next Show will be held after the summer holidays during the Notte Bianca Event, on Saturday, 28th September 2013. For this show judges from Russia are invited to do the judgement.
We would like to remind you that the services of the club will be available throughout the summer season as well. So those of you, who will be having kittens, can contact us to register their kittens with the club Malta Feline Guardians Club (WCF), which is affiliated with the World Cat Federation (WCF). Also if you intend to buy a kitten/cat make sure or check to see if it has a registered pedigree with the club. For more information you can contact the club directly on:

Enquires: 9999 0022