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40th International Cat Show

The 40th International Cat Show will be held at the Savoy Arcades in Valletta. A venue that is in the heart of Malta and can be reached by everyone.

Mr. Walter Baraldi , an all-breed judge from Italy, has been invited by the Club to preside over the judging. There will be various categories for our cats. These include a Specialty Ring held for distinct features within each different class of feline and three Show Rings. All pure breeds felines, kittens, adult or neutered cats, can participate in these Rings. Mr. Baraldiwould also be selecting the General Best Cat in Show. This honored feline would then be eligible to compete for the Master Title in a show later in the year, a title amongst the most lusted for that a cat may receive. During this show there will be a wide variety of cat breeds from Persians, Exotics, British Long Hair, Maine Coons, Himalayans, Ragdoll and other feline breeds are to be exhibited alongside the much loved and welcomed, Maltese Domestic Cat.

All entries must be received by not later than 25th March 2013. The show is limited to 50 cats only so make sure you enter early !

The show will be open for visitors from 10.30am onwards and entrance to the show will be FREE.

The committee members would be at the show to help the public with any questions they may have. They would also be taking applications for the next Cat Show and for membership to the club itself. The club also wishes to announce that it is registering litters and cats. For those wishing more information regards pedigree and cat registrations kindly contact the club’s LO Secretary Roberta Micallef on 99990022 or on her email [email protected].

We look forward to see you at our shows.