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48th & 49th International Cat Show – Results

Dear cat lovers,

Another great success by MFGC- the 48th and 49th international cat show, was held at the Point Shopping mall, Tigne, this month! Hundreds of people came to visit our show, asking several questions, interacting with the exhibitors and sharing their opinions about the various breeds on show. Both judges, Mr. Walter Baraldi from Italy, and Mr. Tomas Balchiunas from Lithuania, were impressed with the quality of the cats, and with the organisation of our club. This show was different and special to us, not only because we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary of the club, but also because both shows were held on the same day, with a special permit from WCF (world cat federation). This means that both judges had the opportunity of seeing each and every cat in the same day.

The show was made up of a total of 50 cats, consisting of several breeds, including domestic house cats. It was also made up of Maltese exhibitors, as well as Italians, Romanians and Russians. It is always a great privilege for us to have foreign exhibitors in our shows, especially ones who have joined us in the past. Seeing familiar faces, means that the exhibitors enjoy our shows, and always bring new cats and friends with them!! Also, we would like to mention that these shows would not be able to be held without the help of our sponsors, especially our main sponsor PET NUTRITION LTD, with princess products.

The judges had some tough choices to make, due to the high standard of the cats on show, however these were the results of both shows:

48th International Cat Show:

  • Emerald Sight Valentino Harry (Sphynx – Kitten 6 to 10 months) – best of best kitten in show and General Best
  • Grand Edelweiss (British Short Hair – Adult) – Best Of Best adult in Show
  • Chrysoberyl Eyes Raissa (Himalayan – Neutered) – Best of Best neutered in Show
  • Monella Bella (Persian – Kitten 3 to 6 months) – Best of Best baby in Show

WCF Rings

  • Emerald Sight Valentino Harry (sphinx) – 1st place
  • RO* Griddlebone’s Giulia (Maine coon) – 2nd place


  • Grand Edelweiss (British short hair) – 1st place
  • Elian Rags Panna Cotta- (ragdoll) 2nd place


  • Chrysoberyl Eyes Raissa (Himalayan) 1st place
  • Iunia dei Folletti di Nerone (Devon rex) – 2nd place

49th International Cat Show:

  • IT* Theodore del Falco D’Oro (Exotic – Adult) –best of best adult in show and General Best
  • Monella Bella (Persian – Kitten 3 to 6 months) – Best of Best baby in Show
  • Iunia dei Folletti di Nerone (Devon Rex – Neutered) Best of Best neutered in Show
  • Emerald Sight Unique Ruby Lily (Sphinx – Kitten 6 to 10 months) Best of Best kitten in Show

WCF Rings

  • Monella Bella (Persian) 1st place
  • Emerald Sight Unique Ruby Lily (sphinx) 2nd place


  • IT* Theodore del Falco DÓro (exotic) 1st place
  • WCH Whiteangels V Zeus (ragdoll) 2nd place


  • Margraz Tigger (Persian) 1st place
  • Kelmar Lady Elisa Bella (sphinx) 2nd place

Super general best of both shows was then awarded to IT* Theodore Del Falco DÓro, A brown tabby exotic. Judges also awarded the best judges favourite to RO* Griddlebone’s Giulia, a Maine coon kitten from Romania.

As I have mentioned above, this year our club is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, hosting a total of 75 cat shows. 50 of these were international cat shows, 12 grand international, and 13 local ones. Our club is therefore, also preparing for the next big show coming up on Saturday 11th April, at Daniel’s shopping complex. This show will also be two shows in one day, with 2 all-breed judges from Russia. Foreign exhibitors will also be joining us. For more information log into our website or our Facebook page Malta Cat Shows. Any queries regarding pedigrees or registrations can also be forwarded on [email protected].