Cat Shows

Upcoming 48th and 49th International Cat Show

Dear cat lovers… It’s time for M.F.G.C’s first cat show from 2015!!!

Our first show this year will take place at The Point Shopping Mall in Tigne, this Saturday 07th February. This show will be extra special for us, because the club is celebrating its 10 year anniversary!!! The day will be split in two WCF shows, with the first show taking place from 09.30hrs to 13.30hrs, and the second show from 14.45hrs to 18.45hrs, therefore during this show, all participating cats will have a chance to obtain their WCF titles twice.

The show will be made up of 50 cats in total, consisting of several different breeds such as Persians, Exotics, Maine Coons, Sphynx, Devon Rex, Himalayan, ragdolls, Siberian, British Short Hair, Kurilian Bobtail Short Hair, and even domestic house cats. Exhibitors from overseas will be joining us from different countries such as Italy, Romania, Russia and United Kingdom.

There will be 3 main rings during this show- the adult ring for cats over 11 months, the kitten ring which will be split in two- 3-6 months and 6-10 months, and the neutered ring for all neutered cats. Also during this show the title of ‘Best cat of the year 2014’ will be given to the cat which achieved most titles during 2014. All of this will be judged by two international all breed judges from Italy and Lithuania- Mr Walter Baraldi and Mr Thomas Balchiunas. Also, the main sponsor for this show is pet nutrition house Ltd, with princess products.

For more information, visit our show page or our Malta Cat Shows – Facebook page. Should you require any information about cat breeds, grooming, pedigrees or pet importing from overseas, please feel free to join us at the show and all your questions will be answered. Do not forget that entrance for the public is FREE! Mark your calendars and see you all there!