Cat Shows

Upcoming 56th and 57th International Cat Show

Everything is prepared for the first show for 2016- the MFGC 56th & 57th International Cat Show! The two day show is being held at SmartCity Malta, on Saturday 6th February from 15.00 to 19.00, and Sunday 7th February from 10.30 to 18.30. Two international judges are coming to Malta, to judge this show- Mr. Carl-Heinz Knelangen – WCF All Breed Judge from Germany and Mr. Tomas Balchiunas – WCF All Breed Judge from Lithuania.

The two day show, will be made up of several different fun activities for all of the exhibitors, and also for the public visiting the show. We shall be hosting 3 WCF rings, one for Adult cats, one for Kittens and one for Neutered cats, along with 5 speciality fun classes. Fun classes are small competitions, where cats are not judged for being Best In Show, but are also judged for being the best in one particular subject, such as Best Solid Colour, Best Fluffy Tail, Best Blue Eyes, etc. Since the show is being held during the carnival weekend in Malta, the club decided that it would be fit to host a Best Carnival Cat competition, where any participating cats are to be in some sort of carnival themed costume. So exhibitors, let your imagination run wild!!

For this show, the club has also decided to bring back the Public opinion vote. Anyone who visits the show on any of the two days, will be given a vote to fill out with their favourite cat in show. At the end of the show on Sunday, the votes will be counted, and the cat with the highest votes will be awarded this title. The opinion of the public is very precious to the visiting public, so we urge you even more to come visit our show, and vote for your favourite cat! Remember entrance for public is free! Last but not least, the Best Facebook Cat competition winner will be announced on Sunday, so don’t forget to log into our Facebook page Malta Cat Shows, find the Best Facebook Cat competition album, and hit like on your favourite cat.

Several breeds will be taking part in the show, including Persians, exotics, Maine-coon, Bengal, sphinx, Devon Rex, British short hair and many others. Exhibitors will be made up of both local and foreign ones. All of this would not be possible without the help of our main sponsors, Pet Nutrition Ltd. With Princess Products, and Madagascar “ Id- Dinja ta’ l-Annimali ” , the pet education programme, aired on F Living Channel, every Saturday at 19.00, repeat on Sunday at 07.00 and Thursday at 20.00.

So remember, whether you are wondering what type of cat breed suits you most or you are already experiencing the feline world, these cat shows are ideal to help educate oneself about these beautiful and amazing creatures. All this can be experienced whilst visiting these fantastic and very informative shows which are Free Of Charge !!
Information can be obtained through the exhibitors and also through fun classes organised throughout the exhibition, where International All Breed Judges explain about the specific breeds being presented to them.

If you already own a particular breed and desire to exhibit, this would be the ideal experience where you can integrate with experienced exhibitors both local and foreign and also present your cat in front of International Judges where they help you by explaining into detail your own cat and it’s specific breed.

Applications for the show close on Saturday 30th January. More information on our website