Cat Shows

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th of October

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cats! 😻
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th of October;
10:00 – 18.30hrs

The Malta Feline Guardians Club (MFGC) invites you all to visit a nice count of meowvellous cats. Splendid cat breeds: Abyssinian, Bengals, British Shorthairs, Exotics, Himalayans, Japanese Bobtail, Kurlian Bobtail, Maine coons, Persians, Ragdolls, Scottish Folds, Siberians, Siamese, Somali and last but not least Household cats are waiting to meet you!

Come at the Renaissance Hall, MonteKristo Estates to the Malta Feline Guardians Club WCF Jubilee International Shows, sponsored by Madagascar id-Dinja tal-Annimali (Pet Educational program on TVM)

For this WCF Jubilee Show Judging will be carried out by Feline experts from Italy & Russia.

Massimo Picardello – WCF All Breed Judge (Italy)
Elena Gudkova – WCF All Breed Judge (Russia)
Walter Baraldi – WCF All Breed Judge (Italy)

A feline beauty competition, two days of WCF Cat Shows, where cats are groomed carefully by their owners until the last moment to make them as beautiful as possible, hoping to win titles respectively and also Best in Show. In these shows babies, kittens, adults, spayed together with domestic cats are presented to WCF’s All Breed International Judges. After observing such beauties, the judges will select the world’s most beautiful, striking and most special show quality cats to compete and win respectively in their categories.

Publicly announced results and prizes to participants, together with most beautiful cats respectively, during the show.

Apart from Judging and Best in Show we have Rings, Jubilee Rings and Fun Shows. The Malta Feline Guardians Club has a jam packed schedule to keep you smiling the whole day through.
😸😻 On day 1;
3 WCF Rings and 3 WCF JUBILEE Rings!
3 Halloween related Fun Shows &
1 Fun Show, Pink October
😸😻 On day 2 ;
3 Halloween related Fun Shows &
1 Fun Show, Pink October.

A little stall for cat lovers & cats will be there too.

So don’t miss in joining us 😺
Enjoy and learn more about our four legged furry friends 🐱
Parking and Entrance for tge visiting Public are Free!!

For more details contact Malta Cat Shows via, Facebook page: Malta Cat Shows or mob: +35699495017