Cat Shows

Il-Fiera l-Kbira 2019, MonteKristo Estate

July 20th & 21st, 2019
18:00hrs onwards on both days.

Not to be missed 😻

To All Cat lovers, welcome to the Malta Feline Guardians Club Summer Cat Show.
You are specially invited to the enjoy yourselves as we share with you the beauty of cats. Fabulous cats are being displayed by passionate cat lovers.

The Malta Feline Guardians Club is Featuring two days of WCF International Cat Shows;

-Spectacular pedigreed cats & kittens; Bengals, British Shorthairs, British Longhair, Exotics, Himalayans, Japanese Bobtail, Kurillian Bobtail, Main Coons, Persians, Ragdolls, Scottish Folds, Siberian Abyssinians, Somali, Sphynx…
-Beautiful Household cats
-10 fun shows
-6 WCF rings
-Amazing judging, demonstrations and explanations by Italian WCF Judges
-Pet stall, Cat food, cat toys, exclusive accessories and more…

For more details contact Malta Cat Shows via, Facebook page: Malta Cat Shows or mob: +35699495017