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Grand International Cat Show – December 2013

A week later, here we are to say a special thank you to all the visitors who came to visit the Grand International Cat show. This was the last show for this year and we are very proud with the outcome.

We would like to thank our judges from South Africa and Italy. The results are as follows:
The General Best of Saturday was Pampa Expecto Patronum an Abyssinian coming from Russia whilst the General Best of Sunday was Iunia dei Folletti di Nerone a Devon Rex kitten coming from Italy. The Super General Best between both Shows was also Iunia dei Folletti di Nerone. Christmas Kitten 2013 was won by CZ*Gray Skylar Perluso a british Short Hair coming from Czeh Republic.

This show was an opportunity to expose the beauty of our cats and also to create more awareness towards our feline friends. Through this event we promote serious ownership and responsible breeding. Many visitors came to check and verify their own pedigrees with our club, to check whether they are false or not. Thanks to the constant appeal of animal enthusiast and clubs like ours it seems that by now most people are aware of such situations.
The foreign judges where impressed by the standard of our cats, this means that in future generations we will have stronger and healthier cats ingeneral. During the shows cat lovers could appreciate a vast variety of breeds such as the Persians, Exotics, Hymalians, Maincoon, Siamese, Thai, Abyssinian, Devon Rex, Beman, British short hair, Kuralian bobtail, Ragdolls and Sphinx. For this show we had also different foreign exhibitors; Italian, German and Russian.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend and all exhibitors enjoyed each others company, cats and Christmas spirit. We would like to express many thanks to the managment of Daniels shoppin complex for hosting this show once again. Thanks also goes to the main sponsors; Micabliss Group, Princess pet food, and Allcare Insurance. Without this help no event is possible. Special thanks to the media who advertised the event especially to Micabliss group who had permitted the crew of Madagascar ‘Id-Dinja tal-Annimali’ one of the best pets programme to film the event.

The next show will be next year, Sunday 26th January. A judge will be coming from poland. You can remain updated by visiting our website or the MFGC facebook page. The Malta Feline Guardians Club would like to wish you all the best for the festive season.

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