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Cat Care Awareness Day 2014, Sunday, 15th June 2014

Dear Cat Lovers,

The Malta Feline Guardians Club in collaboration with Sherries Garden Centre is pleased to announce that a Cat Care Awareness Day will be organised on Sunday 15th of June at Sherries Garden Centre, Burmarrad. This event is being organised to promote more quality breeding and up keep of cats. Different qaulified speakers will be discussing various related subjects such as Nutrition and Cat breed information by Mr. Matthew Wismayer, Health issues by Dr. Mirelle Vella Debrincat, Pet insurance by Mr. Joe Avellino and Cat Grooming by Charmaine Martin.  All speakers will be available to answer your questions and discuss any related questions/issues.

Other speakers will give out information on different feline breeds currently on the island; Persians, Exotics, Mainecoons, Sphinx, Thai, Devon Reix, Bengal, Colourpoints, British Short Hair and more.

At the moment various cats in Malta are being sold with a ‘pedigree’ so all those interested can verify their pedigree on the day with the club committee members themselves. This is being done in reaction to many complaints about false pedigrees. The Malta Feline Guardians Club, is affiliated with the World Cat Federation and is the only club that can issue pedigrees (not the breeder).

The general public is invited to attend this informative and interesting seminar ‘Cat Care Awareness Day’ which starts at 11.00hrs till 15.00hrs.

For more information you can visit our website on or our Facebook page on Malta Cat Shows.

Malta Feline Guardians Club (WCF)
Affiliated with the World Cat Federation (WCF)

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