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44th International Cat Show


We’re back with some information about our previous show and the next one.

The previous show was held at Scerries garden centre, Burmarrad on Sunday 26th January 2014.

The main winner for this show was IT* Theodore del Falco DÓro, an exotic Black Tabby Blotched. Other winners  were divided into several sections. The Best Pet of the year 2013 was won by Mittens whilst the Best Kitten of the year 2013 Iunia di Folletti di Nerone, a Devon Rex newly imported to Malta. The Best Neuter of the year 2013 was IP. Suryamainecoon Oty, a mainecoon. The exotic persian IT*Radiosa Del Falco D’Oro won the best adult of the year 2013. The same Suryamainecoon Oty (mainecoon) won also the best cat of the year 2013.  Albert-Wojciech Kurkowski / an all breed WCF Polish Judge with more than 20 years experience was invited to judge the cats.

The MFGC would like to thank all the management at Scerries Garden Centre for their 2nd welcome and also Mr. Matthew Wismayer on behalf of Princess cat food.

We are glad to announce that we had a lot of positive feedback from all the public especially for those who came the first time to visit this show. All visitors had the opportunity to ask any feline related questions both to the show participants, MFGC staff and also to Dr. Mirelle Vella who was available to answer any questions.

Our next cat show will be held also at Sherries Garden Centre on the 30th of May. In February the club will be present in the WCF show which will take place in Zanika (Italy) together with other 4 Italian clubs.

Those interested in taking part or to know more information can visit our website or the facebook page MFGC.

The MFGC is affiliated with the WCF (World Cat Federation)

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