Cat Shows

54th & 55th International Cat Show

Dear Cat Lovers,

Applications are now open for our next show!

We are proud to announce, that the start of cat show season 2015/­2016, by the Malta Feline Guardian Club (MFGC), is about to start! Our first show will be held at Tigne Point shopping mall, on Saturday 7th November, between 09:30 and 19:00. The 54th & 55th MFGC International Cat Show, will be two shows held in one day, which means that every cat will be able to achieve two titles in just one day. Our show will be made up of several different breeds including, Persians, Exotics, Mainecoon, Sphinx, Devon Rex, British Short Hair, Bengal, Ragdoll and many more.

There will be 3 Judges for this show:

  • Mr. Walter Baraldi­ an all breed WCF judge, from Italy. Mr. Baraldi has had the privilege to judge our shows in Malta, several times before, and once more he will be joining us for this show.
  • Mr. Daniel Germishuys­ an all breed WCF judge, from South Africa. Mr. Germishuys was with us for the first time last year, and with great honour we welcome him to Malta again this year.
  • Mrs. Inga Balchiuniene­ an all breed, WCF judge, from Lithuania. This will be Mrs. Balchiuniene’s first time judging in Malta, and we hope that it won’t be her last.

The show will be split into 5 main categories:

  • Baby/Kittens,­ for kittens between 3 and 6 months
  • Kitten,­ for kittens between 6­ and 10 months
  • Adults,­ for cats which are 11 months and over
  • Neutered,­ for cats which are over 11 months and neutered
  • Domestic­, for cats which are not pure breeds.

All cats are welcome in our show, whether pure breed or not. Once judges have seen cats from each and every category, they will then decided which cats to nominate for the finals, where one cat from each category will compete for the title of general best in show. This will then be repeated in the second show, and at the end the two winning cats (of the General Best title) will compete together for the prestigious title of Super General Best. Adding to all this, we will also have a total of 6 WCF rings­ 2 for kittens, 2 for adults and 2 for neutered.

Any interested participants are kindly asked to submit their applications on [email protected] or by contacting us via our Facebook page Malta Cat Shows. Any information regarding pedigrees, registrations and breeders list, can also be forwarded to same e­mail address. MFGC is affiliated with the World Cat Federation (WCF).

See you all at Tigne point, and remember our shows, Entrance for the public is FREE OF CHARGE!