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52nd & 53rd International Cat Show – Results

Dear Cat Lovers,

The Malta Feline Guardians Club (MFGC) is proud to report that the 52nd and 53rd International Cat Show, held at SmartCity Malta, was an amazing success!! The fun packed weekend, was held on the 16th and 17th of May 2015, which not only included our International Cat Show, but also a very organized Dog Show, Bouncing Castles, Animators for kids, Food stands, and even stands for Animal Shelters collecting donations. Weather was very permitting, which lead to hundreds of people attending, enjoying the precious pets and asking information about our club.

The two day international show was judged by two all breed international judges. Mr Walter Baraldi (AB, WCF), joined us from Italy, while Ms. Brigitte Peppermans (AB, WCF), came from Belgium. It was not an easy task for the judges to chose the best cats in the show, however they handled the show very smoothly and were very impressed with the standard of our cats. The results for both shows were as follows:

Speciality Rings – held on Saturday 16th May

Best Model Cat- (The Best Show Presentation Cat)
1st place – Iunia Dei Folletti di Nerone – { a neutered female Devon Rex}
2nd place – Chrysoberyl eyes Raissa – {a neutered female Himalayan}

Best Tabby Markings
1st place – Ramazan cashmir of glittersand – {a Male Bengal kitten}
2nd place – IT* Wizzy Del Falco D’oro – {an adult female Persian}

Best Features (facial features)
1st place – Chrysoberyl eyes Raissa – {a neutered female Himalayan}
2nd place – Diamanterry Michelle Pfeiffer – {a female Ragdoll Kitten}

Best of Best Top 4 cats Saturday –

Chrysoberyl eyes Raissa – {neutered female, blue cream point Himalayan}
Chrysoberyl eyes Love me Always – {cream point Himalayan female kitten 3-6 months}
Emerald sight Unique Ruby-Lily – {a black female, adult Sphynx}
Ramazan Cashmir of Glittersand – {a Brown tabby spotted, male bengal kitten 6-10 months}

General best in show Saturday-

Emerald sight Unique Ruby-Lily- {a Black female adult Sphynx}

WCF rings- held on Sunday 17th May

Adult ring – for cats above 11 months of age
1st place- IT* Wait for me dein Toltechi of Micabliss – {a Persian female}
2nd place – Yulia della Perla Blu- {a Mainecoon female}

Kitten ring – for cats between 3 and 10 months of age
1st place- Our own Arnie- {a male Ragdoll}
2nd place- Nelson Mikki star – {a Male Sphynx}

Neutered ring- for all neutered cats
1st place- Iunia dei Folleti di Nerone- {a female Devon Rex}
2nd place – Margraz Tigger – {a male Persian}

Best of best top 4 cats Sunday
Vitas little Gandalf of Micabliss – {a white adult Persian}
Our Own Arnie- {a blue colorpoint Ragdoll male kitten 3-6 months}
Diamanterry Michelle Pfeiffer – {a Blue cream tabby mitted, Ragdoll female kitten 6-10 months}
Margraz Tigger – {a Brown tabby blotched, neutered male Persian}

General best in show Sunday-
Margraz Tigger- {a Brown tabby blotched, neutered male Persian}

Super General best in show-
Emerald sight Unique Ruby-Lily- {a black, adult female Sphynx}

Our club would also like to express it’s gratitude to all of the management at SmartCity Malta, for allowing our show to take place during this open weekend. They were indeed very helpful and professional. We would also like to thank our main sponsor Pet Nutrition Ltd, with Princess products, as well as our sup sponsors Arion and Versel Laga. Last, but not least, to all of the clubs committee members, helpers and exhibitors for giving their all at making this show a great success.

Our next show will now be held, on Saturday 7th November at Tigne Point Shopping Mall – Sliema. This will be a two day show in one day, where exhibitors will be able to achieve two titles in just one day. Judges from Italy, Spain and South Africa will be joining us just for this show. Any interested exhibitors can kindly contact us on [email protected] or via our Facebook page, Malta Cat Shows. Registrations for pedigrees or kittens can also be forwarded on the same email.

MFGC is affiliated with the World Cat Federation (WCF).

See you all again in November!