Cat Shows

52nd & 53rd International Cat Show

Dear cat lovers,

The Malta Feline Guardian Club (MFGC), is preparing for its next international show, and this time it will be even bigger than before, as It will be held at a new, bigger venue… SmartCity Malta!!!

A family open weekend is being held on Saturday 16th May between 15.30hrs and 20.00hrs and and Sunday 17th May, between 11.00hrs and 17.00hrs, where there will not only be our Cat Show, but also a Dog Show, a show by Guide Dogs, business stalls, bouncing castles, animation for children and so much more for all the family to enjoy.

Our International Cat Show, will be made up of several different breeds, including Persians, Exotics, Maine Coon, Devon Rex, Sphynx, Ragdolls, Abyssinian and British Short Hair. All of the participating cats will be judges by two international, all breed judges- Mr. Walter Baraldi from Italy, and Ms. Brigitte Pepermans from Belgium. Both judges have several years of experience in International Cat Shows all over the world. the show will be split in four sections- baby (3-6 months), kitten (6-10 months), Adult and neutered. All cats will be judged, and given different titles as decided by the judge, and in the end 4 cats will be chosen for the final, one from each section. From the 4 best of best in show, one cat on both days will be chosen as general best, meaning the very best cat in show for that day. On Sunday then, the two winning cats from the show on Saturday as well as Sunday, will compete again for Super general Best.
Apart from the pure breeds, we will also have a section for domestic house cats, which are cats that do not have a pedigree title. All of house cats will compete together for the title of best house cat in show.

Our applications are officially open! Any interested participants wishing to take part on our show, should forward their details on [email protected] or message us on our Facebook page Malta Cat Shows. Also, all necessary info about the show can be found on our website or call us on 9949 5017. Any information regarding pedigrees, or registration of your cats with the World Cat Federation (WCF), can also be forwarded to us via e-mail.
This event is being sponsored by Pet Nutrition LTD.