Cat Shows

Upcoming 78th & 79th International Cat Show


The Malta Feline Guardians Club (MFGC) will be holding its 78th and 79th International Cat Shows on Saturday, September 22 and Sunday, September 23 with both events starting at 11am at Montekristo Estates, Ħal Farrug.

During these two shows, different range of breeds will be showcased, which includes: Balinese, Bengals, British Shorthairs, Burmese, Deveon Rex, Exotics, Himalayabs, Main Coons, Persians, Ragdolls, Scottish Folds, Siberian Sphynx and also household cats.

For this event, the MFGC invited two World Cat Federation (WCF) all-breed judges. Olga Dentico from Italy together with Edward Borras from Spain will be judging these cat shows.

The MFGC is the only Maltese recognised club by the WCF and its aim is to sponsor and promote the welfare of all breeds of cats, especially household pets through cat shows, exhibitions and seminars.

These events serve as an educational outing for all the family where children appreciate more these creatures, while also learn more about the care and handling of these beautiful felines.

Those interested can apply through the Top Cat International Ranking System website by following the link:

For more information visit the Malta Cat Shows Facebook page, the show page or phone on 9949 5017.

Applications will be accepted until August 30, 2018. After such date, an application fee will apply.