Cat Shows

September International Cat Show Weekend by MFGC

Even though we are facing tough moments, another show came true!🙏🏼
having met all precautions and protective measures to be able to enjoy a safe show (BCD).

September International Cat Show Weekend by MFGC.

It has been busy and hectic yet we feel genuinely so grateful for all your support!

Thank you to all the team who worked through…Thank you for your hard work and for believing in MFGC.

We are so grateful to have had Walter Baraldi and Andreas Kretschmer-Kraiczek as judges for our felines ! We are so appreciative for your guidance.

Godfrey J Massa for all the beautiful photos of such admirable cats 🐈

We are very appreciative of the support we had from Marco Garaffa from Idea Natur 2000 Petshop with Oasy & Carnilove products and Derrick Camilleri from ADG pet supplies Malta for offering Armokitty cat litter to all our exhibitors.

Lastly, our feline family and friends…Thank you so much for your support! We promise to do our very best to make you proud 🙏🏼

We continue to remain extremely passionate about Cat Shows, looking forward to seeing you again soon 😀 😊