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MFGC Newsletter – June 2020

Dear Member and Breeder,
We would like to remind you regarding the importance of registration of all kittens born in your cattery. As per MFGC rules every litter be registered within 90 days from birth and pedigree issued for every kitten within 120 days from birth. All kittens must be sold or transferred to a new owner together with the following documents: Pedigree, Vaccination Card and Sales/Transfer  Agreement.

The WCF board decided that each WCF pedigree must have at least 3 generations, i.e. the kitten itself, the parents and the grandparents. This Board came into force with publication and will be placed for voting on the next General Assembly. MFGC does not evaluate or issue Pedigrees mentioning kittens type, i.e. Show, Breed etc.; however if a kitten is sold/transferred as a pet, we do recommend requesting “Without Breeding Rights” remark on a Pedigree.

We would like to use this opportunity to remind you the WCF Breeding and Registration rules applicable for all WCF registered breeders.


In general, the following has to be defined in these rules: female cats are allowed to give birth three times within a period of two years (min. 6 months between litters). Ideally a queen should give birth to kittens only once a year.

Young kittens are not allowed to be separated from their mother and litter mates before the 12th week. When placed young kittens must be weaned, de-wormed and given the necessary vaccinations. It is highly recommended to identify the kittens by micro-chip.

Each kitten born at a WCF member has to be registered and it is not allowed to be placed without pedigree. The breeder has to inform the new owner about the cat’s needs. The breeder shall assist the new owner with his help.

Cats with a congenital abnormality may not be bred from and may not be sold for breeding. The new owner should be advised of the abnormality and such cats should be sterilized, ideally before being sold, or registered “not for breeding”, if this is possible in the WCF member club.

Each WCF member club decides, with the guidance of judges, on the local outcrossing allowances and inbreeding programs, within the rules of the WCF and according to the local government laws. Full brother-sister mating is not advised and should be strongly discouraged.

Each WCF member club may accept any breed recognized by a WCC member for registration and shows. They may receive all WCF titles. The WCF member clubs have the autonomy to refuse any breeds not recognized by WCF as they wish.

The breeder must be a member of a WCF-Club. The cattery must have a registered WCF cattery name. All information such as the name of breeder, address, breeds, etc. have to be current and updated as soon as there are changes. The registering breeder/cattery must be the legal owner of the dam and be able to prove ownership.

The breeder/cattery has to follow the WCF – and member club’s breeding rules and the local government laws concerning the protection of animals, including the commercial registration
of the cattery and breeding stock, where required.

Transfer of Registered Cats
Cats may be transferred from any other club or organization, according to the individual club’s policy. This should only take place with proof of the original registration documents. The original registration number of the transferred cat must be retained. When a new number is assigned, the original registration number must also be retained in the pedigrees for reference purposes. The original name of a transferred cat must always be retained, but the new owner’s cattery name may be added as a suffix. When a cat is transferred the previous registration document has to be marked as “non-valid” or “cancelled”.

Ownership of Breeding Cats
A Breeder should provide proof of ownership before offspring of a female cat can be registered. The breeder should also provide proof of ownership of the stud cat, or a mating certificate signed by the owner of the stud cat.

Sales-contract (optional but Highly Recommended)
The contract has to contain all the information about the breeder, new owner and complete details of the cat. It should include a health-certificate and information about the special needs
of cats and the specific breed. The breeder should support the new owner in any way possible.  Kindly note that registrations will no longer be processed and accepted as from the 1st of June
2020. All unregistered kittens born prior to the 1st of June must be registered by the 30th of July 2020.

Further Breeding Info:

Best Regards,
MFGC Committee / June 2020