Cat Shows

66th & 67th International Cat Show

Cat lovers from different countries will unite for the upcoming TopCat Final Malta in collaboration with TopCat (International Cats Ranking System), taking place on the 22nd & 23rd April, at SmartCity. The most
beautiful and fascinating cats will be brought together on this special occasion along with a two day WCF International Cat Show. The 66th & 67th International Cat Shows along with TopCat Final Malta are organized by the Malta Feline Guardians Club, the representative club for the World Cat Federation (WCF) on the Maltese Islands.

Awaited for, with great eagerness,warmth and passion by cat owners where TopCat Rating results for the previous year are announced, and the best pets, breeders, catteries and clubs are determined. The said competition will publicly announce the results and award prizes to local participants, together with most beautiful cats respectively, during this annual final show. This is also a great opportunity for both local and foreign exhibitors to gain double the points.

Along with a beauty competition,two days of WCF Cat Shows,where cats are groomed carefully by their owners until the last moment to make them as beautiful as possible, hoping to win titles respectively and also Best in Show. In these shows babies, kittens, adults, spayed together with domestic cats are presented to WCF’s All Breed International Judges. After observing such beauties, the judges will select the world’s most beautiful, striking and most special show quality cats to compete and win respectively in their categories.

For this exclusive cat show, the MFGC proudly welcomes WCF 3 all breed judges from Russia and Lithuania.
Applications are now open until the 8th of April, so you are kindly requested to apply directly through

For any information one can go on Facebook Page on Malta Cat Shows or check the show page on our website.

Also for the first time, the Malta Feline Guardians Cub is also collaborating time with the Malta Rabbit Club – Since 1963 and the Malta Rodent Society. The clubs are going to display a variety of rabbit breeds
and rodents. Furthermore, the Malta Rabbit Club is going to hold a table show on Saturday afternoon awarding the best rabbits in various categories. On both days, one of the Rabbit Club collaborators, Projekt Lazarus Malta will be offering family entertainment thanks to their Medieval Village set-up around the dancing fountain at SmartCity.

Entrance for Public is FREE OF CHARGE!
So don’t miss out these two eventful days happening at SmartCity Malta!
Join our Fur & Purr Friends!

Saturday 22nd April, 14:30-19:30
Sunday 23rd April, 10:00-17:30