Cat Shows

60th & 61st International Cat Show

Dear Cat Lovers, Breeders and Owners,

Preparations are well on their way for the 60th & 61st International Cat Show, by the Malta Feline Guardians Club (MFGC).

This is our first show our the summer will be held at SmartCity Malta, Saturday 24th September 2016, from 13.30hrs till 19.00hrs, and Sunday 25th September 2016, from 10.30hrs till 19.00hrs.

Two WCF all breed judges will be judging these two shows; Mr. Edward Borras from Spain and Mr. Tomas Balchiunas from Lithuania.

The show will be made up of approximately 40 cats, which will be split in 4 main categories:
Baby (kittens) – from 3-6 months,
Kitten – from 6-10 months,
Adult – 11 months and over,
Neutered – for cats which are over 11 months and neutered,
Domestic – for cats which are not pure breeds.

One cat from each category will then be chosen by the judges, to make it to the finals, where the winner will be given the title of General Best in show. This will happen on Sunday as well. When the second show is finished the two general best winners, will compete together for the Super General Best title.

Six WCF Rings will also take place, two for Kittens, two for Adults and two for Neutered, along with some other speciality rings which will be revealed on the day. The title for best Facebook cat will also be given that day, to the cat with most likes from our album on the Malta Cat Shows – Facebook page.

Breeds in this show will include, Persians, Exotics, Mainecoons, Sphinx, Bengals, Devon Rex, Ragdolls, British Short Hairs, Himalayans Siberian and many others. Apart from the show, the club will also available for any questions regarding breeds, pedigrees and registrations.

All applications need to submitted my no longer than the 3rd September, 2016. All cats must have a registered pedigree with the club, along with all valid documents of the cat. For any information about pedigrees and registrations, one can go on our Face book page on Malta Cat Shows or on our website The International Cat Show will be sponsored by Pet Nutrition Ltd with princess products, and Madagascar “Id-dinja tal-Annimali” – the pet education programme, aired on TVM.

See you in September!!

More information can also be obtained from our website or from our Facebook page- Malta Cat Shows. Do not forget that entrance is FREE OF CHARGE for the public, so see you all there!!