Cat Shows

58th and 59th International Cat Show – Results

Two outstanding International Cat Shows held this weekend by the Malta Feline Guardians Club (MFGC).

The 58th & 59th International Cat Shows held at SmartCity Malta were very successful and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who were involved in the organization of the event.
It was a weekend dedicated to different breeds of feline who were taking part in the beauty contest held on two days.

We would like to express gratitude to the main Sponsor, V J Salamone for the support and great gifts given to all the exhibitors. The Pet Nutrition Ltd (who was always a great sustenance to the MFGC) together with V J Salamone decided to donate more than €500 worth of cat food to the CSAF (Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines), a hard working feline association situated in Cospicua. Special thanks goes to both companies for this great deed.

The two international all breed Russian judges, Ms Marina Zhuravleva and Ms Olga Belyaeva did an excellent job throughout both shows for their keen judging and assistance.
We were pleased to welcome the Italian photographer Alessandro Di Pinto for capturing the beautiful moments of the shows. Living again the splendid moments especially by the winners is a treasurable moment to retain.

The MFGC would like to thank both local and foreign exhibitors in participating and showing their amazing well-groomed feline creatures during these two remarkable shows.

Last and not least, great thanks and gratitude goes to the MFGC committee who worked hard as a team to organize two of the best outstanding International Cat Shows held.

It was a pleasure welcoming the public who visited the Cat Shows.

Thanks in believing in our shows!