Cat Shows

46th & 47th International Cat Show

We are very pleased to say that, without a shred of a doubt, the 46th & 47th International Cat Show, held by the MFGC (Malta Feline Guardian Club), was a great success!

A large response was felt from the general public on both days, including the presence of local TV stations. We were also joined by the Russian group in Malta community, who also wrote an article about the show, leading to the attendance of a good number of Russian people at the show who also supported their fellow Russian exhibitors.

Approximately 70 cats participated in the show, all of which competed for a varying number of titles in the kitten, adult and neutered rings. Following the choice of Best Kitten, Best Adult and Best Neutered Cat from the show, these competed amongst themselves for the title of General Best in Show. This title, on Saturday, was awarded to a chocolate Burmilla named Burmaleus Grammy, hailing from Russia. The same title, on Sunday, was awarded to a white Persian named Vitas Little Gandalf, hailing from Malta. At the end of the show, both cats competed for the time of Super General Best, which was proudly given to Vitas Little Gandalf, the white Persian from Malta. Needless to say, the tension amongst the public was intense while the judges faced this incredibly difficult choice.

Following the great success of this show, we are proud to announce that our next show will be held on the 13th and 14th of December. This show will also be held at Daniel’s Shopping Complex in Hamrun. During this show there will also be a number of prestigious titles that a cat can receive. These titles will also include the Master Ring, the Double Master Ring and the Christmas Kitten.

For more information please visit our specific page here or visit our Facebook page – Malta Cat Shows. The MFGC is affiliated with the WCF (World Cat Federation). Don’t forget to highlight your calendar, and join us for the next international cat show!