Cat Shows

2015 Grand International Cat Show

Dear Cat Lovers,

The Malta Feline Guardian Club (MFGC) is proud to announce that applications are open for the biggest show of the year, the show that all cat show exhibitors are waiting for- The Grand International Cat Show 2015! The show is being held at Daniel’s Shopping Complex in Hamrun, on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December.

The show will be judged by 3 WCF all breed judges-

• Ms Olga Belyaeva – from Russia
• Ms Marina Zhuravleva – from Russia
• Mr Albert-Wojciech Kurkowski – from Poland

The show will be split in 5 main categories-

• baby- for kittens between 3 and 6 months
• kitten- for kittens between 6-10 months
• adults- for cats which are 11 months and over
• neutered- for cats which are over 11 months and neutered
• domestic- for cats which are not pure breeds.

All cats are welcome in our show, whether pure breed or not. Once judges have seen cats from each and every category, they will then decided which cats to nominate for the finals, where one cat from each category will compete for the title of general best in show. This will then be repeated in the second show, and at the end the two winning cats (of the general best title) will compete together for the prestigious title of Super general best. Adding to all this, we will also have a total of 6 WCF rings- 2 for kittens, 2 for adults and 2 for neutered.

Apart from all this, we will also be giving the prestigious, and long awaited title of Master, and double master which is given to one cat, once a year only, and this year for the first time in Malta we will also have the triple master. Christmas kitten will also be awarded on Saturday, along with the WCF and speciality rings. Several exhibitors from different countries will be joining us for the show, including exhibitors from Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, and Italy.

All applications need to submitted my no longer than the 5th of December. All cats must have a registered pedigree with the club, along with all valid documents of the cat. For any information about pedigrees and registrations, one can go on our Facebook page on Malta Cat Shows or the relevant show page. The Grand international cat show will be sponsored by Pet Nutrition Ltd with princess products, and Madagascar “Id- dinja ta’ l-Annimali” – the number one pet education programme, aired on F Living Channel.

See you all in December!!!