Body: The body is smaller than medium sized, square, compact, short, firm and muscular. The chest is wide, short & strong neck. The back is almost straight. The legs are strong and of medium length. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs. The paws are oval with extended fingers on the hind legs. The gender difference is not very pronounced. Acceptable weight in adult cat of 2kg is preferred.
Tail: Flexible, preferably consisting of several bends and curves in any combination. It can almost br straight. The length of the tail can be no less than 3cm and no longer than 1/3rd of the body.
Head: Short, trapezoidal shape with soft contours. Rounded forehead. Clearly curved profile with a pronounced transition from the forehead to the nose at the level of the middle of the eyes. A clear stop is not allowed.
The nose is of medium length and slightly curved. Medium, rounded, clearly defined cheekbones. The snout is short, rounded, without a pinch.
Ears: The ears are medium in size with rounded tips. Medium set high and slightly tilted forward. The distance between the ears is no more than one ear width.
Eyes: Large, open, round, very expressive. They are almost straight and are far apart. The eye color is an intense dark blue.
Coat: The fur is short, dense, elastic, not close to the body with undercoat. The top coat is almost the same length as the undercoat. Young animals can have somewhat woolly fur.
The uniformity of the body color and the contrast of the points is more important than a light body color.
Colour: Seal point
Faults: Head: wedge-shaped or too narrow head shape •flat forehead •weak chin •too little curved profile •pointed or elongated snout

Eyes: •almond shaped

Ears: •large •pointed •set too far •too narrow at the base

Body: •too big, too heavy •too elegant or too delicate •stretched

Coat: •too silky •too plush

Faults excluding the CAC class: •straight profile
•tail longer than 1/3 of the bod
•rigid tail
Disqualification: •white spots or medallion (except for neuters)
•any other colour except seal point
•less than 2-3 tail vertebrae
•absence of the tail

Scale of points

Body: 35
Head: 15
Eyes: 15
Ears: 10
Coat texture & length: 10
Coat colour and points: 10
Condition: 5