Mekong Bobtail

Body: The body is rectangular in shape, medium-sized and muscular but yet slender and elegant. The back is almost straight, with the rump slightly higher than the shoulders. The legs are slender and of medium length, the paws are oval.
Tail: The tail consists of kinks or curves in various combinations, which start at the base. The tail has at least 3 vertebrae, but it is not longer than a quarter of the body length.
Head: The head has gently rounded contours. The top of the head is slightly flat. The profile is curved, the gentle break is below the level of the eyes. Roman nose. The chin is firm and the muzzle is pronounced, fine and oval.
Ears: The ears are large, broad at the base with slightly rounded tips and high set. The opening points slightly to the sides.
Eyes: The eyes are large, oval and are set almost straight. The colour is an intense blue.
Coat: The coat is short, glossy and close lying. It has a silky, yet crisp texture, with minimal undercoat.
Colour varieties: The Mekong Bobtail is a pointed cat with Siamese points and recognized in all pointed colours without white. 

The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.

Scale of points

Body: 20
Tail: 20
Head: 25
Ears: 5
Eyes: 15
Coat texture, body colour and points: 15
Condition: 5