Russian Blue

Body The medium sized, slightly elongated cat has a medium solid, muscular body with graceful stature and
overall impression. The legs are long and slender, the paws are narrow and oval.
The tail is long and ends in a slightly rounded tip.
Head The head is of medium length, with a flat skull. The flat forehead and the straight nose form a convex
angle in profile at the level of the eye brows. Ideally the forehead forms one third and, the nose two
thirds of the profile. The whisker pads are very pronounced, the chin is firm.
Ears The ears are large and slightly pointed. They are slightly tilted forward and set wide apart.
The inner side is sparsely furnished, causing the ears to appear thin and almost transparent.
Eyes The eyes are large and oval. They are set wide apart.
The colour is an intense green.
Coat The coat is short, silky and soft, standing away from the body. The coat is double (undercoat and top
coat of equal length) and therefore appears to be very dense.
Colour varieties Pure, even blue, with a distinct silver sheen (the tips of the hairs have a silver tipping). A medium blue colour is preferred.
Nose leather blue-grey
Paw pads lavender pink
  • too deep set or protruding eyes
  • any tendency to squint
  • A close lying coat is a severe fault.


Scale of points
Body: 25
Head: 30
Eyes: 10
Coat texture: 20
Coat colour and Tipping: 10
Condition: 5