Body The body is of medium to large size, elongated, solid and muscular, but lithe and athletic,
with a well developed rib cage. The back is straight, the flanks are flat.
The legs are of medium length and muscular, the paws are oval.
The tail is rather long, medium thick and tapers only slightly to a dark tip.
Head The head has the shape of a modified wedge with a gentle curve between the cheeks and
the muzzle. The profile shows a clear, but gentle rise from the nose bridge to the eye brows.
The muzzle is broad and has good length, it is clearly defined and slightly square.
The whisker pads are moderate and not too pronounced.
Chin and lower jaw are firm.
Ears The ears are medium sized and set at a slight angle, neither high nor low set.
Ear tufts are desirable.
Eyes The eyes are large and almond-shaped. They are broad and set at a slight slant to the ears.
The eye colour shall correspond with the coat colour. All colours, except blue, are permitted.
Coat The coat is short and dense, glossy and silky, close lying and without undercoat.
Colour varieties The Ocicat is spotted. The spots shall be large and round and shall form rows along the spine and shall go down the legs as far as possible. The spots are arranged in the form of rosettes on the flanks. There are broken necklaces on the chest and broken rings on the lower part of the legs. All hairs, except the tail tip, have bands of ticking. The bands in the pattern are darker, the bands in the base colour are lighter. A lighter base colour on the chin, the lower jaw and the underside of the body is permitted.The following colours are recognized:
  tawny (black) spotted

chocolate spotted

cinnamon spotted

black silver spotted

chocolate silver spotted

cinnamon silver spotted

blue spotted

lavender spotted

fawn spotted

blue silver spotted

lavender silver spotted

fawn silver spotted

  • elongated spots, which are arranged in a mackerel pattern
  • too heavy or thick set body
  • white patches

Scale of points

Body: 20
Head: 15
Ears: 5
Eyes: 10
Coat texture: 10
Coat colour, pattern and contrast: 35
Condition: 5