Body The body is medium sized and muscular. Neither coarse, not elongated and very heavy.
The legs are of medium length, the paws are rounded.
The tail is of medium length. It continues straight to a slightly rounded tip.
Head The head is rounded, short and broad. The contours do not show any pointed angles.
The profile is clearly curved.
Chin and lower jaw are firm.
Ears The ears are medium sized and slightly tilted forwards. They are broad at the base with
rounded tips and set wide apart.
Eyes The eyes are large, round and set wide apart.
The eyes are golden to dark orange, the latter colour is preferred.
Coat The coat is very short, fine and of silky texture. It lies close to the body and has a glossy
black colour from the root to the tip.
  • too protruding eyes


Scale of points

Body: 25
Head: 25
Eyes: 25
Coat texture and colour: 30
Condition: 5