Turkish Van Semi-Long Hair

Body: The medium sized to large cat has a muscular body with a medium heavy bone structure.
The neck and chest are massive and solid. The legs have medium length, the paws are round. The tail is of medium length and well furnished.
Head: The head has the shape of a blunt triangle of medium length. The profile is almost straight, the chin firm.
Ears: The ears are large, with a broad base and slightly rounded tips. They are straight set,  rather high and upright on the skull.
Eyes: The eyes are large, oval and set at a slight slant. They are light amber, blue or odd eyed. The eye rims are pink.
Coat: The coat is of medium length and silky without a woolly undercoat. It is shorter on the neck
and the shoulders and longer at the breeches and on the tail.
Colour varieties: The coat is chalk-white, without any yellow traces. At the base of the ears there are auburn or cream patches, which are separated by a white flame. The ears must be white. The inner side of the ears is a gentle shell-pink. The tail is auburn or cream.

Nose leather: pink

Paw pads: pink

Faults: • Small, irregular, coloured patches on the body should not disqualify a cat, which is otherwise good.

• Tabby markings in the coloured patches should be tolerated.


Scale of points

Body and tail 25
Head and eye shape 25
Eye colour 10
Eye colour 10
Coat texture and colour 25
Condition 5