Ragamuffin Semi-Long Hair

Body Very massive boning, with a broad, round chest, broad shoulders and hips and an equally broad, massive back, very well developed muscles. The shape of the body is rectangular as seen in profile and from the front. There is a fat pad in the lower abdomen. The legs are very heavily boned and of medium length, the hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs. The paws are very large and round, to carry the weight of the cat without being splayed, with tufts on the underside of the paws and between the toes. The tail is of medium length, very broad at the base and slightly tapering to a blunt tip. It is densely furnished and bushy.
Head The shape of the head is a broad modified wedge and appears rounded. The part between the ears is slightly rounded. The head is medium sized. The cheekbones are prominent. The slightly rounded forehead flows together with the slightly curved profile into a broad, straight bridge of the nose. The muzzle is set off, short, broad and rounded. The whisker-pads are full and appear slightly puffy. In profile the chin is rounded, but does not have very much depth. The neck is short, heavy and strong, particularly in older males.
Ears The ears are medium sized and rounded, with moderate furnishings inside. Ear tufts are allowed. The ears are set at a slight angle at the sides of the head with good width between and slightly tilted forward.
Eyes The eyes are large, walnut shaped and expressive, wide set and slightly slanted.
Eye colour Classic colours green, golden green
  White and Bicolour green, yellow-green, aquamarine, blue or odd eyed (in all combinations)
  Pointed blue
  Mink aqua
  Sepia golden
Coat The more intense the eye-colour, the better.

The fur is medium-long to long and very dense. The texture is smooth and silky. The fur around the neck and outer edges of the face is slightly longer, forming a ruff. The top coat and undercoat are almost of equal length and equal texture. The fur on the hindquarters forms trousers.

Colour varieties All classical colours, except cinnamon and fawn, also mink, sepia and pointed in solid, tabby, solid with white and tabby with white. Any amount of white is allowed. The colour of the nose leather and paw pads corresponds with the colour of the coat.
Faults Body
  • stocky and short
  • easily palpable spine and ribs
  • short
  • kinked
  • instead of a gentle roundness a cranial doming
  • stop or break in the nose, Roman nose
  • small or pointed
  • round
  • crossed eyes
  • cottony undercoat
Exceptions permitted Body
  • underdeveloped fat pad in the lower abdomen in young cats
  • lighter weight in young, unaltered cats
  • finer boning in females
  • delicate head in females
  • not yet fully developed eye colour in young cats, particularly in mink
  • lack of or short ruff in unaltered cats and kittens
  • short fur on the legs in cats with generally medium length of coat
  • seasonal changes in the coat Density of coat varies seasonally.
  • darkening on the body in older cats


Scale of points

Body 35
Head 25
Eyes 10
Coat texture 20
Coat colour 5
Condition 5