Japanese Bobtail Semi-Long Hair

Body: The body is medium sized, elongated, slender and elegant, yet muscular.

The legs are long and slender, the paws are oval. The tail shall be kinked and/or curved and shall be shorter than 8 cm. The fur on the tail is longer than on the rest of the body (pom-pom effect).

Head: The head is not longer than it is broad and has the shape of an equilateral triangle with soft contours. The profile is slightly curved. The muzzle is prominent and slightly rounded. Chin and lower jaws are firm.
Ears: The ears are large and upright. They are set wide apart, the tips are slightly rounded.
Eyes: The eyes are large and almond-shaped. They are set at a slight slant. The eye colour corresponds with the coat colour.
Coat: The coat is of medium length and soft. It has a silky texture and hardly any undercoat.
Colour varieties: The colours chocolate and cinnamon, as well as their dilution (lilac and fawn) are not recognized in any combinations (bicolour, tricolour, tabby). The pointed pattern is also not recognized.

All other colours and patterns are recognized. Any amount of white is permitted. The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.

Disqualification: • absent tail

• too long tail

• lack of the pom-pom

• “delayed bobtail“ effect

Scale of Points:

Body: 20
Tail: 20
Head: 30
Coat texture 10
Coat color, pattern 15
Condition: 5