Burmilla Semi-Long Hair

Body: The body is of medium sized and of medium length. The chest is of medium width and rounded, when viewed in profile. The back is straight from the shoulders to the rump.

The legs are slender and have a solid bone structure. The paws are dainty and oval. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs.

The tail is straight and long to medium long. It tapers from a medium broad base to a slightly rounded tip.

Head: The top of the head is gently rounded with medium width between the ears. The head is broad at the level of the eye brows and the jaw-hinge. It tapers to a short, blunt wedge. The contours are slightly rounded. The profile shows a gentle indentation of the nose. A bump on the nose is undesirable.

The chin is firm with good depth. The tip of the nose and the chin are in line.

Ears: The ears are medium to large in size, they are set wide apart and are slightly tilted forwards. They are broad at the base with slightly rounded tips. The outer line of the ears continues the upper part of the face.
Eyes: The eyes are large and set well apart. The slightly rounded upper eye-line points towards the nose in a blunt angle, the lower eye-line is more rounded. The colour is luminous and expressive, eye-rims in the colour of the tipping. Any shade of green is permitted, a clear green is preferred. An amber eye colour is permitted in red, cream and tortie colours.
Coat: The coat is of medium length and fine with silky texture, without woolly undercoat. It is slightly shorter on the shoulders. Tufts on the ear tips, a bib and breeches are desired. The tail is fully furnished like a plume.
Colour varieties: Shaded and chinchilla colours are recognized in all colours. The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.
Faults: • Some cats may show the presence of two Burmese-genes (cb cb).

• A yellowish eye colour is tolerated in kittens and young cats up to an age of 2 years.

• incorrect eye colour in adult cats older than 2 years

• cobby or oriental body

• shaggy coat

Scale of Points:

Body: 25
Head: 20
Ears: 10
Eyes: 20
Coat Texture: 10
Coat colour and pattern: 10
Condition: 5