Body: This medium sized breed is elegant yet slender and muscular. The body is elongated and lithe. The rib cage and shoulders are not wider than the hips. The legs are long and slender, the front legs are straight and the paws dainty and oval with long toes. The tail is very long, thin at the base, whippy and ends in a pointed tip. The neck is long and slender.
Head: The head is wedge shaped. The wedge starts at the nose and broadens on both sides in straight lines to the ears. The nose is long and straight, the forehead is flat. The profile is slightly convex. The muzzle is fine with a strong chin forming a vertical line with the tip of the nose.
Ears: The ears are very large with a broad base and pointed. They are wide set with outer edges continuing to the sides of the wedge.
Eyes: The eyes are almond shaped and set slightly at a slant to the nose in harmony with the wedge shape of the head. The colour is bright green. In the colourpoint the colour is intense blue, the darker the better.
Coat: The skin is soft and supple, totally naked or covered with a slight down. There are numerous wrinkles on the head, less on the body. Whiskers are desired. Hairless cats are preferred.
Colour varieties: All colours and patterns are recognised. Any amount of white is permitted.

The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.

Faults: • missing wrinkles on the head
• front legs not straight
• extremely fine both structure

Remarks of WCF federation:
Mating with other Sphynx is forbidden but mating with Siamese, Balinese, Oriental short/long hair is allowed

In kittens the legs, paws, tail and muzzle may be covered with slight coat which should be absent in adult cats older than 2 years
Scale of Points:

Body: 30
Head: 35
Skin: 25
Color: 5
Condition: 5