Persian, Colourpoint & Long Hair Exotic

Body: A medium to large sized cat that has a short and cobby body. Chest, shoulders and back are massive and muscular.
Legs are short and sturdy, paws are large and round. Tufts between the toes are desired. The tail should be short and thick, ending in a rounded tip. Furnishing is dense and long (bushy). The neck is short and strong.
Head: The head must be round and massive and well proportioned with full cheeks and a domed forehead. The nose is short and broad, with a well defined, palpable stop. The upper edge of the nose leather is not higher than the lower eye lid. Chin and jaws are broad, massive and strong. The face is open and expressive.
Ears: The ears are very small and rounded, set low and wide apart on the skull. Dense furnishings inside the ears cause the slightly slanted base of the ears to appear not unduly open.
Eyes: The eyes are large, round and open, set wide apart, brilliant and expressive. Eye colour corresponds with the coat colour.
Coat: The coat is long and dense; with a fine, silky texture. It is soft, flowing but not woolly. The full, long frill covers the shoulders and the chest.
Colour varieties: The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.

The colour variety with Siamese points is called Colourpoint.

All colours without white are recognized. 

The description of colours is listed in the general list of pointed colours. 

The eye colour of the Colourpoint is an intense blue, the darker the better.

Faults: Too flat or too high skull

Weaping eyes

Difficulties in breathing

Too fine or elongated body

A greasy coat, too much powder or a shaggy coat

Knots or bald spots due to the removal of hair knots

Disqualification: Colourpoints with white spots or white toes.

Colourpoints with an eye colour other than blue

Scale of Points:

Body: 20
Head: 30
Colour of the eye: 15
Coat texture, length and colour 30
Condition: 5