Highland Fold Longhair


Body: This medium to large sized breed is muscular and stocky. Chest, shoulders and back are wide and massive. The legs are short & muscular, the paws are thick and round. The tail is of medium length and when extended it should reach the shoulders. It ends in a rounded tip without being stern and able to move freely from beginning to end. The neck is short and strong.
Head: The head is round, solid, broad and with a string chin. The nose is short, wide and straight. The profile is curved (without a stop). The cheeks are full and round. The large round whisker pillows gives the short nose clear outlines.
Ears: The ears are small and folded forward, with slightly rounded tips that point towards the centre of the head. They are set wide apart and should lie flat against the skull.
Eyes: The eyes are large, round and wide set.
Eye colour corresponds with the coat colour.
Coat: The coat is of medium length and very dense with a considerable amount of undercoat. It is easy to hold and does not lay flat.
Colour varieties: All colours and patterns with any amount of white are accepted. Point colours with Siamese points without white are accepted.
Faults: Immobility in any part of the tail

Ears not laying flat

Profile with a stop

Scale of Points:

Body: 10
Tail: 15
Head: 15
Ears: 30
Eyes: 15
Coat texture, length and colour 10
Condition: 5